Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.
“All praise be to Allah, who has guided us to Islaam, gifted it to us, and made us part of the best community.
We ask Him to make easy for us what pleases Him, and to keep us away from what He despises.”
Assalaamu alaikum,
I, Norédine Allam, author and artist of the Muslim Show series, and director of BDouin Publications, announce publicly my repentance to Allah (glorified He is) for all of the errors that I have committed since the beginning of my career.

Many of you, since a long time, asked us how they can support BDouin and the Muslim’Show !
Here is a very simple way:
DARSSCHOOL is a method to learn Arabic that will be based on well known Books of Madinah BUT with BDouin style and thru an innovative approach (that will includes printed books, web portal and mobile apps)
You can (If wished) donate via this link: EASI UP DONATE
Only one constraint is that it would only be a gift (Choose : Donation without counter part)
… because we can not deliver abroad for now (a V2 will be done if the project is a success with more languages support).
So to be clear, it will ONLY a donation to support BDouin studios!

Note that by supporting our DARSSCHOOL project, you also support the production of BDouin and therefore all Comics series that we broadcast regularly in English !

So … what’s your thoughts ?? :)

(Note: DARSSCHOOL is an Arabic learning method fully illustrated by BDouin, so if you are a publisher interested in distributing it overseas, please contact us!)